December 4, 2015

Pushed into War


December 17 saw a renewed attack on Dam 5.
Not only did they fail to take out the dam
Their inaccurate fire made them some real enemies
As those who were affected saw only one way to survive.

The four eldest boys all joined the North’s cause
Each taking off at a different time
It was what they felt to be right
And so they left home without seeing the possible flaws.

For their father died at the end of 1864, though not too old
And with all the older brothers in the war
There was not much the mother could do with two young sons
No way make it if help did not walk through the door.

Fortunately for the Sterlings the war ended soon after.
Once it was done, the sons could return
And they almost all went back to working the locks
Having paid a high price, a valuable lesson they learned.


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