December 4, 2015

How to Survive


During the years of the Civil War
Many of those who worked on the water
Worked for themselves earning whatever they could
Mostly without wondering if they should.

Until the year 1861 things were hard but alright
Because there were ways to make a living if done right.
They wanted little more than to live as they knew
Traveling the canal during the day and docking at night.

Then came the war and everything changed.
They came under scrutiny on the one side
And on the other they were forced often to hide.
It was an impossible situation over with to sit astride.

For those who were the captains if things went wrong
They could lose their whole livelihood.
While those forced to travel in either direction
Were left in the open with little protection.

Over the years when the war raged
The canal was one of the most difficult to work
Because there were constant interruptions
And too many life or death disruptions.


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