December 4, 2015

A Young Witness


Daniel Sterling was just a young lad
When the war tore the country in two.
At the age of just ten he was a witness
Of something the South perpetually tried to do.

He lived on a farm very close to Dam 5,
And at the end of the year 1861
He saw the first attempt of Stonewall Jackson
As he tried to make the dam come undone.

He saw as they tried to hit certain points on the dam
Hoping to break it with their cannon fire
But what they managed to do was to burn a house down
Still they continued to press for their strong desire.

The next day they burned down a barn
Where Union soldiers had been sleeping.
Instead of returning fire, the soldiers help the farmer
Saving his life stock and what they could of his grain.

This was the place where Daniel Sterling lived
So it was that when they could, the North decided to give
Instead of employing their weapons to destroy,
They taught an odd lesson to this impressionable boy.


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