July 11, 2016

WoofDrivers Woofotos

Give your dog the 15 minutes of fame they deserve!

Every day of the week we offer you another chance to enter your dog’s picture into the contest and get it posted on the Dogs Hall of Fame!

Here’s How It Works:

Every day is associated with a different theme or category. For each day you want to submit one of your favorite dog photos that you think fits the category the best. The themes and days are listed below:

You can submit your entries using either your Instagram or Facebook account.

Instagram Directions – submit your photo using the hashtag that corresponds to each day
Facebook Directions – by navigating to one of the WooFDriver Facebook pages listed below, locate the post corresponding to that day and leave a comment with your photo.

The Facebook Accounts Are:

The daily winners will be listed on dogsoffame.com and you can check out your competition with the links provided below:




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