December 4, 2015

History Through Poetry


Here we are at The Howard Tunnel. The Howard Tunnel is very rich in History, please see below for the sign in front of the Tunnel. A poem about The Howard Tunnel is coming soon!!

I am Dyslexic, (did I spell that right) (LOL). So my learning style is a bit different and usually more challenging than others without Dyslexia. I was diagnosed in the 8th Grade back around 1981 so this was a time when the public was just starting to learn about and understand Learning Disabilities. I fortunately was able to attend a brand new very small school that was for people with learning disabilities. I found it much easier for me to learn and study there and am so grateful to have been able to attend. This school taught me that there is so many ways to learn and to keep on pursuing until we find our way. This brings me to this section. I have found an interest in the History of the trails and areas I have been riding with the WOOFPAK (My Dogs) and to read about this history and understand some of these intense details would be very time consuming and a bit challenging for me. I therefore (understanding there are many learning methods) thought it would be so useful and wonderful to work with some professional poem writers to explore and write the history of these trails (that are very rich in history) in a very palatable, interesting and fun way. This is an ongoing venture and as I explore these places I will work with the writers to develop more of these Historic Poetry!! I hope you enjoy as much as I do!!


This is the sign in front of The Howard Tunnel describing it’s


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