December 4, 2015

A Touch of Real Life Amidst the Drama of War


Though much of bad news sprang from the war
And many residents on the canal had much to fear
Every once in a while good things came to pass
As it did for one gentleman, 1863 was the year.

Though the camp at Seneca Lock was an unholy mess
Where many men died from disease and the cold
Corporal Frank Swan loved being there
As love made him bold.

One Miss Mary Gaster was what made him stay
And though there was much reason to grief
There was one thing that soon came from the wreck
And that even soon happened, June 14 was the day.

Chaplain Haynes resided over the marriage
With a few friends around the even to bear witness.
For a short time there was something to celebrate
Although what happened next was of debate.

Mary was only 14 at the time,
And Swan was a fighter, a man true to his cause.
When the men were in trouble he never gave pause.
He disappeared, presumed dead, but his strength received applause.

For he was a part of those who took a stand
When Confederates drove them up from the South back to this point.
He disappeared around Cedar Creek
A sharp shooter out fighting so others could escape.


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