December 4, 2015

Southern Raids


There were several points where the Confederates went on raids
Making it nearly impossible for boatmen to get paid.
For the raids were merciless, they took no lives into account
Though people were spared, their livelihood they had to do without.

Although not too many ended up in Southerners hands
It was the simple threat, a scare anyone can understand.
It got to the point where boatmen would reach Cumberland
Then refuse to tie up or come to land.

Raids and invasions of other areas set the precedence
And taught boatmen to be concerned of Confederate presence.
Word of what happened at Mosby reach many ears
As well as stories over the war years.

Heavy losses, sometimes everything that a person owned
Made the water dweller’s senses well honed.
They made sure to know what happened along the canal
Through whatever means, and whatever channel.

There was even a time in 1864 when the boatmen refused to work
Because the Union troops had left, leaving the men feeling they had been jerked.
Not worth the risk, they simply tied up their boats
Requiring an escort before any goods they would tote.


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