June 25, 2021

Megarhyssa greenei Wasp


June 24, 2021, while sitting outside his home with the WooFPAK in Maryland, WooFDriver noticed and captured this unique and amazing wasp(Megarhyssa greenei)! The Megarhyssa greenei is a species of Ichneumonoids, parasitoid wasps. There are many species that are considered beneficial because they naturally control agricultural pests.

The female of this wasp species has a several inch long ovipositor for drilling, then laying eggs in tree trunks. This ovipositor is often mistaken for a scary large stinger, but it gives them their nickname of ‘stump stabbers’! Some species within this genus of wasp are known for having the longest ovipositor of any other insect. Ichneumonoids are for the most part solitary insects, and the larvae feed on or in another insects.

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