October 2, 2015

Moonlight Mushing


As you can surmise, I am an Adventurer!! I don’t engage in life threatening chances, but I do like the lighter side of thrill seeking. I run the dogs a fair amount in the evening hours because of my work schedule, and in the warmer months because of the cooler temperature in the evenings. I do get caught a lot in the darkness of the night.

I therefore have set out to make this darkness easier to manage. My most exciting and usable tool has been my night goggles. These goggles originally I believe, designed for the military are truly incredible. I purchased a high end military spec style. They enable me to see in almost complete darkness!! This is so exciting and more importantly helps me remain safer out there on the trail!!

I have seen bicycle riders in the way distance of the trail, this allows me to adjust my dogs over to the side to prepare for the bicycler to pass me. One time the rider was puzzled how I knew he was coming!! He was struggling to see me and the dogs when he was right next to me, and I was just strolling along like a sunny day at the park!! I could see his bewilderment through the Night Vision Goggles!!

DeerNightvisionRiding along again in The Dog Powered Go-Cart, the dogs moving at a descent pace, all of a sudden they pick up speed. This usually occurs when an animal is ahead in the distance. They don’t have to see him, but you know they can smell him!! This has happened many of times in the past so I am familiar with it, but when you can’t see ahead because of the darkness it is a little challenging!! My first thought is. are we still on the trail? Again when you can’t see because of the darkness and are moving in any vehicle, your perspective is totally gone. This has happened to me before I had the Night Vision Goggles, and I had to stop and survey the area to make sure the dogs didn’t pick up on a scent and take me off the trail. The trail I was on parallels the River. Yikes!!! I did not want to unsuspectingly wind up in the river!!

MidMushThat doesn’t happen any more because of the goggles. So Cool!! Now I can sometimes see what they are in pursuit of or at least get perspective of where we are at!!




Midnight Mushing

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