October 9, 2015

DOG Inspired Music


MA-Clock-650PXThis is a collection of songs that I have written inspired by of course, by Dogs but also including Wolves, Nature, and my Martial Arts Experiences. I have been a Martial Artist for 30 plus years and I have taught, competed, and trained under a Grand Master. An interesting relative factor to the Dogs is how they move and handle themselves especially in stressful situations. Humans can learn a lot from these instinctual behaviors. In fact many techniques and even Martial Art Systems are based upon animal movements and actions. I have a website and mobile app, that I developed for Martial Arts Training and Information. Some of these songs are lengthy and extremely detailed probably like no other music you have heard before. Through the WooFPlay Band’s mastery we were able to produce this informative and motivational music. I hope you can enjoy and can take something good from what’s going on here:)

The logo like Clock to the right like all of my designs has many meanings. Notice at the top 12 o’clock is the DOG/WOLF.

Here’s the explanations:

The Wolf = My Passion and Learning From Canines,

Feather = Effortless Motions,

Mountain = Size Perspective,

Moon = Gravity Free Uninhibited Movement, & Weightlessness,

Fire = Burning Desire,

Tree = Growth & Flexibility,

Dragon = Martial Arts, Boulder = Stature,

Cave = Exploration and A Path Representing Our Life’s Journey,

Sun = Life,

Water = Life and The Ability to Adapt & Change,

Air = Breathing and Meditating.

Snap Power
Snap power is timing which reflects our body and mind alignment set.

Think light so your energy can reach higher heights.

Snap power is the means that can achieve effortless waves of force that are the source of energies converging on a defined course with exact timing and aligning.

I call it the flip of the hips for full power snap assist. Like the excitement of sleight of wrist in a magic trick this snap power can be a fascinating incredible whip and wower!!

The tail of the dog is a true definition and call of this snap power all. A big dogs tail which hangs and wags but feels so light and appears to have no might. But some can sting with some ring as you may have felt the effects of its fling.

A towel is a perfect example of how snap power can make us say wow. The towel very soft and not much weight to the touch but can sting so much when we lunge it forward and suddenly change direction by pulling back it gives an incredible snap whack.

Another example of softness with the proper timed tautness can become power which appears thoughtless!! I call this effortless power that is so effective.
Imagine the results if we learn to use our bodies with similar jolts.

The snap power is created a change in direction. The quicker the change and the more mass of our bodies we can arrange the more power the snap will obtain. I will mention Any resistance or tension in either direction on the travel path can inhibit the extension as it will temper the snap and lose its dynamic smack.

Snap Power is the heart of an effective energy management part to gain our bodies full range we must start without being plagued by wasted or tensed action parts. If you can stay on an effortless strait path you can accomplish more tasks while conserving your energy to last because you are only applying it’s full impact for an extremely short course which creates devastating force.

Your body has to be able to twist and assist to achieve full maximum lift like a snapping whip. So to gain maximum results your body needs to work together on this focused endeavor.

Snap power needs to be on a short path to be achieved. The longer the path the greater the chance our muscles will tense to avoid gravity from changing their direction and therefore temper our effects and inhibit the full proper snap power sequence set.

Snap power to me is the perfect training seed indeed to teach us to believe how effective results can be achieved with minimal strength muscle needs just convergence of the mind and body theme. This can fulfill the dream to accomplish the most we can in our life without any struggle or fight just minimal energy engagement that can provide maximum results in our life’s arrangement.

Physical Expressions
Physical expressions can project and affect our minds intentions.

Sometimes We can all find ourselves in a mind clutter and trance that can really affect our life’s thunder and stance. The smallest of things can put a stinger in our mind and linger relentlessly through our time

Physical expressions can relieve what can become mind obsessions indeed. Consider our mind as a kind of tank that holds and grinds our thoughts and can fold when caught on an overload of these lingering thoughts!! We must find a way to channel this mind clutter away. Physical expressions are the lesson to get rid of what can become this emotional obsessing.

If we engage our physical side and release our endorphins it can tire our body and mind and help ease our time that may be wrestling or stressing and caught in this trance or thought obsession.

In fact If you are using your mind side while executing an exercise or technique ride than I call it a practicing kind. But If you execute a move without thinking and just groove than you are physically in tune and expressing yourself through instinct not mood.
Your execution becomes an extension of your mind and will channel any thought successions and nagging tensions away from your insides so your ride can be more of a positive kind.

I also believe we can relive this mind funk and useless clutter junk, by using our force as a source to create a physical explosion course that will erode negativity by actually transferring this hot energy from our bodies synergy into an absorbing surface that reacts to our energy attack with a measurable track. Obviously this needs to be a surface that was carefully designed for a hitting purpose.

That’s why I believe martial arts indeed are the smarts we need to achieve the lead of how to process an energy overload and feed.

We should meditate and learn to empty our mind so we can function freely without mental limitations distorting our insides and jamming our energy ride.

WolFManchi Internal Energy
This is The WolFManChi guide to internal energy defined.

Internal Energy often referred to as Chi, is so exciting to me as a human being and I want to explore and learn all of it’s meaning.

Often called the Hidden Power this energy is like a flower. If we feed it what it needs it will seed itself and grow, flourish, and blossom. This flower will nourish and open up to absorb and transform the light into the beauty in our sight.

Humans like all other life here on earth transfer energy from the moment of birth!! Energy is constantly exchanged amongst nature and the other creatures as we all have similar features.

The more we churn this energy in and out of our bodies, the more we yearn for another turn to complete the burn!!

Energy is exchanged and changed in everything we do!! All of us need to breathe and that is the perfect lead into our bodies of oxygen which is converted and inverted into carbon dioxide without any conscientious time. The effect of this energy exchange is what enables us to maintain and sustain life.

Imagine the power we could harness if we could learn to control our breathing and needing for oxygen! We could conserve our transfer of energy and internal body motions. This is the potion we need to set ourselves free from stress and other wasted energy excess. Your power within can than be managed and explored to power your life into the ultimate flight

Let’s develop this Chi, and unleash all of what we can be, that’s the knowledge from WolfManChi.

Respect Is The Effect
Respect the most important effect we can present.

Respect is the effect that enables us to appreciate our life and all other.! From accomplishments , effort, creativity to all of mother natures wonders.

Respect is a welcoming gesture that can instantly invite others to extend their hand and soften their stand. Respect can diffuse tension and lighten almost any situation to make it a more comfortable arrangement.

Even in the face of a challenge or adversity we should strive to rise up above the rest and maintain our best. My father always told me you can accomplish more with a smile on your face than you can with an offensive state.

Avoiding a confrontation is really an aspiration to preserve our energy, and keep our bodies stress free. This reminds me of an important saying I have heard by one of the most respected martial artists in his words: “the art of fighting without fighting”. How enlightening this can be, rise above it all and never take a fall. Use your knowledge to maintain a code of ethics that are never threatened or compromised even in the toughest of times.

The more respect I can show the more positive my life can go. Give what you desire to receive and you can reduce struggles that cause you to juggle emotions and suffer commotions. True freedom rides through our entire body and mind when we treat all with kind respect and accept in some aspect their way, even if we totally disagree we are still free because we are not inhibited or distracted by another’s action or reaction, just focused on our goals and passions and keep rolling to our own satisfaction.

Tension Resists Earth’s Forces, Relaxation Maximizes Earth’s Sources
In our world today it is very hard to say relax and understand the true facts. To release tension, I need to mention, it is a mental state that we should regulate often to soften our bodies and loosen our mind to live and be stress free.

As a Martial Artist I have learned to maximize my might I must stop the fight. I am refereeing to the interruption of gravity, and to use it to actually add power to move and achieve the goal that I behold.

Tension is the most depleting process that is mostly engaged from misconceptions and skewed perceptions!! It is evoked from our mind and it distorts our physical side. It struggles against gravity and hampers our free flowing energy. Relaxation is the key and chi that will free your body and allow it to be inline all the time.

Gravity is a natural force on earth and effects every step and every breath we take. It actually provides resistance and assistance, opposite actions that depending on how we manage, controls our balance. Like Yin and Yang or magnetic force where opposites are the source of attraction or the force of repelling action, we must understand how the physics flow to gain the maximum go.

If we spend more time fighting the forces of nature we will tire and expire our energy rapidly. This seems natural actually because the effort required makes us work and perspire so the endorphins release and provides the desired effect that makes us feel satisfied and set. But if we use the forces to be and then collaborate and proceed with their intended direction and lead, than we can ride their force as we go further on course, use less resource, and maximize our effect without an overworked attempt. Most importantly, we can do so much more indeed, to and live a fuller life because of this energy efficiency.

Share Your Time And Preserve Your Mind
It is definitely a challenge to balance your self when you disagree with someone else. To engage in a disagreement is to me nothing but a waste of time that could be used better on your own ride.

People are very charged today to show and promote their way. They can sometimes get caught in their own flight and just want to be right!! We can all quickly lose sight and get caught in a fight so let me shed some light.

Though we all have our own opinions and thoughts we ought to be humble enough not to get caught in a struggle or tumble of stuff, to defend our point and disregard another’s is a distraction that can really gain no satisfaction.

Of course we should never be forced to endorse something we don’t believe but to challenge it could upset our life’s balance and disrupt our dream. Reasonable people can disagree but only through understanding and respect is the way to manage that effect.

Freedom is our ability to keep rolling without interruption even at strained junctions. Tension is tight that’s a fight or struggle that doesn’t achieve our goals but instead defeats or role to be happy and free and it interrupts our dreams.

To be offended or discouraged and therefore unnourished by another’s actions or words can interrupt our dream; but to allow them to be heard and quickly adjourned is your ability to roll free and live lean!! You can listen to another’s needs to feed themselves means but you don’t have to absorb it or adorn it. You can avoid stress by hearing someone out and acknowledging what comes from their mouth. But the true ability to acknowledge their issue and respect them, and embrace what you will and roll on to your fill that’s the drill to not let your time spill and keep your mind chilled.

Our Warrior To Be…
We all have a Warrior to be inside of our mind and body indeed. There lies an indomitable force that can keep our lives on course but we must recognize and maintain this incredible source. Though often hidden and unrecognized this Warrior inside can be our life’s ultimate guide.

Too many times we all get sidelined with the issues of modern mankind. When we can see beyond the surface and more into our life’s purpose we can than put into perspective a more selective direction that is more of our core objectives. We need to define these goals and let them linger constantly in our souls.

To see a dog be happy for the smallest of finds can really make me question any of mankind’s elaborate designs. My notion is to use technology to compliment my life but not make the man, instead help take the man to another view while not letting it skew his vision just help him accomplish his mission.

We all have fire and desire in our composure and we must ignite the spark to get it out of the dark. If we can recognize our passions we can live our life in a truly exciting fashion. This is the most motivating factor to me in finding my Warrior to be. The determination from my Warrior side can focus my mind and insure I stay inline and keep me persistent all the time!! It is a constant challenge to maintain this in balance. So keep an alliance without any defiance to your Warrior to be and you will succeed and be able to live your wildest dreams indeed.

Change Adversity With Diversity
How we deal with adversity determines how we feel and live.

In life we are dealt adversities all along our journey and how we deal with them will determine how we feel and live.

Adversities can be something as diverse and uncontrollable as weather to more personal feelings when we are hurt or tried at inconsolable times!! Whatever the case we are always faced with trying times that we must define with another side and divert our ride with the ability to diverse our mind!! Be a warrior and realize your target is constantly changing and you must find new ways to forever engage it.

How we perceive happenings and circumstances is the source that will determine the course of our day month, year, or even life and how we can achieve our desires without watering down our fires.

The saying is the glass half full or half empty is conveying your attitude and what it’s portraying. How your mind is trained to see is the reality of the mood you will be. So when the rain falls on your parade we must find another way to engage. In my world Defeat is not an option or choice only persistence will provide resistance to tumultuous times and help better life’s ride.

Creativity and diversity our the qualities that can assist us to find persistence and consider other methods to pursue or undo a bad decision or occurrence and therefore reinvent another step to prevent your event or mood from being subdued.

Adverse conditions can test our ambitions but shouldn’t alter our mission we just may need to diverse our vision. We need to keep our fire piping hot so we can avoid any knots and stay persistent in light of any resistance and pursue our goals with all the power we behold.

A Warrior Stance
A Warrior Stance has taught me we should leave nothing to chance. We need the ability to engage any scene from beginning to end with calmness and elements of zen.

This Warrior Stance has taught me in order to maintain motivation that I have to obtain and sustain the ability to deal comfortably with almost any situation. When we can abbreviate and alleviate discomfort we our inclined to have more time for a more positive ride and not let our goals be pushed aside.

My Approach to this Warrior Stance is a very subtle and gradual dance. What I mean is we have to learn to ride some uncomfortable times with our mind not believing what our bodies may try to be achieving. Our bodies may feel some pain but our mind can define the discomfort with another sign that maybe can change that find.

I practice this Warrior Stance through simulated controlled challenges that can teach me all about this balance. What I mean is I have tried to overcome common discomforts in my life and not succumb to the pain but instead try to restrain it by rearranging my thoughts to not engage an uncomfortable stage. While this sounds great of course it is not so easy to regulate, this must be a practiced fate to learn to achieve this desirable state.

An example of this kind is to go out and spend some time in a cold outside. We can always go indoors to warm up but if we try not to acknowledge the cold and put our mind’s attention in another direction maybe we can forget about our body having a cold objection!! You may relate to this ignored state by recalling a time in your life where you didn’t realize certain signs because your mind was preoccupied on another side. Preoccupied is not a desired state but similar mind fates that are controlled by our ways can command the same results and give us the ultimate power to control all aspects of our actions to be more of satisfaction than negative distractions.

I call this a Warrior Stance because we should try to eliminate any chance of any negative interruption to our dance !! Maintain a consistent positive dance and always have a warrior stance.

Dimensional Energy
We are energy. We exchange and rearrange the energies in our body everyday. In fact I believe the more energy we engage and exchange the more range we will be able to obtain and therefore further through the day our energy will be able to sustain.

The give and take from every breath we make is the core of this energy exchange. The more we exchange this energy the more breaths our bodies will address and with proper arrangement this can be our success to managing stress. Different breathing patterns are the to me what determines how our day will proceed.

Labored breathing is stress though not always negative unless it is initiated from a mental engagement.
Mental stress is confined to our mind and therefore has more time to grind our insides and create a negative ride!! Besides this mental stress being confined its exit routes are also limited in size and therefore will remain inside our mind in search of an exit sign.

Proper Physical stress is working our mind and body together and creates this 3D or dimensional energy endeavor.

Physical stress can be expressed and aligned through many facets of our body and mind. This physical type stress can be managed and defined so we can transfer it out from our inside. This transfer of this energy is the positive flow that when synchronized to go from our existence, it can provide a protective resistance to our mind sided stress and other unmanaged duress and help prevent many unbalanced effects.

Far eastern cultures have understood this balance and energy exchange for many years that’s why martial arts and meditative parts are so much at the heart of their history and start. My study of these arts truly helps regulate my smarts and I try to maintain this balance of energy management to be in synchronicity and have elasticity to forever bend and flow while providing many transfers of dimensional energy to help me be stress free and maintaining my mind and bodies needs.

Instinct Driven Not Emotional Ridden
We are complicated beings that really over think our means. This mean’s that we tend to think to much and this inhibits are stuff. A dog is so instinctual he never has to waste time or energy on a thought process that can sometimes be utter nonsense.

The dogs instinct is a natural occurrence that if we want to change we have to help them relearn it. Humans and canines share a reaction based on instinct factions but the humans intellectual mind can sometimes make their instinct a questionable find!! Even though a reaction seems natural a lot of us tend to think about if it was an appropriate action. That is where confidence can be so important as it can preserve our energy so instead of wasting it on what might have been we conserve it for more positive spin.

I think we our often hindered by a regrettable act or behavior that lingers in our mind and clutters our time!. We often encounter guilt ridden thoughts because of these negative jaunts!! That is why I say have no regrets just positive affects.

Our canine companions probably don’t have a guilty emotion they just roll with their instinct because that is their potion!! Because of the capacity of the human mind we our a little harder to define. Guilt and karma which are both self inflicted, our the biggest harm a negative action can have on us worse than any physical faction we could sanction. If you live clean and just find acceptance and tolerance in your mind of anyone else’s jive, you will be free to run wild like a child or dog without any negative thoughts, just unhinged fun because your mind and body will have converged into one.

Live To Learn & Learn To Live

Humility to me is the trait we need and how to be to live internally free. Keep our eyes open so our mind can remain potent and constantly evoking our thoughts and stoking our all!! Being the best we can is our goal but understanding we are always a student is our role. What I mean is we can always learn by letting others be heard!! As we listen it is our part to know what we should put in our heart and what we should not take part!! Our knowledge should guide us on what to endure and what to ignore.

I live to learn and learn to live, staying constantly challenged, as it inspires my quest for balance!. My journey constantly appealing to my senses, while not riding any fences, just staying on course with managed force.

Admiration, respect, and gratitude are always present from me towards others as I clearly see their style and demeanor as something I can reject or accept without any offensive objections and therefore no uncomfortable confrontations just realizations and hopefully internal elations. I can admire their desire to share their fire and urge to inspire!! This humility to me is the way to be to succeed towards my dreams and remain eternally free.

To know your strengths and limitations is an obligation that will prevent hesitation and help guide you towards your destination. Knowing yourself will preserve your time because you know what you will find that is always in your mind.

Our Confidence should maintain an internal presence in our lives but never be an overstated hindrance that propels our ignorance.

Sometimes unfortunately humiliation is the source that will force humility and civility!! It can evoke remorse and actually provoke us to get on a more sustainable course. This sounds opposite and a bit harsh but that’s the charge we sometimes need to heed our ego and lead our dreams to go.

Humiliation can be an uncomfortable scene, but what it means is the feed to our ego has been defeated and unseated!. We must poses the ability to deal with this in a well managed way and lose our ego and than humiliation will go and our positive energies can than flow.

My style and ride is to be cool on the outside and never overstate my mind. A hot fire inside burning, yearning, and constantly churning, to keep learning what is so important to me while staying eternally free and constantly pursuing all of my dreams.

In A Moment
Time is life. What we do with time will define who we are in our mind. To realize the importance of time just reflect back in your mind to some of your most memorable times!! These memories may consists of many emotions but keep them in perspective so you can focus on your objectives.

We live our lives based on memories. Weather we have just learned something new in the past few, or we reflect back to a much earlier act!! We form our opinions and ideas from our experiences that we have from another time!! So our memory is like a dream that has formulated ideas and directions that actually guide our intentions.

Obviously we shouldn’t live in the past but memories will last!! So it’s ok to reflect back but we must keep intact and not let it waiver our labor to stay on cue and keep the present in front of you.

Good thoughts and reflections are what we want in our minds collection!! This can be the motivation we sometimes need to succeed on certain tasks that can seem a little hard to grasp.

This is the most important aspect of this whole project!! Make sure every minute of your day is used in the most effective way!! Have no regrettable acts so there is no need for any forgettable facts. Because remember in a moment this moment will be a memory and it should always be worthy to be in your treasury of dreams.

Focus, Determination, & Aspiration
Life is truly incredible!! Our bodies are machines that amazingly function like a dream!! So complicated and intricate how everything fits and functions together without any conscious effort from us, just behind the scenes with automatic means!! Our minds are the steering wheel to our body which is the fine automobile.

We control where we go in life!! Other factors always play a role but we must accept them or reject them and steer us clear or near the path that we find most dear!! I like to in some way acknowledge my path everyday and try to take at least one step in that direction and maintain my connection.

There are so many distractions that can take our focus away and lead us a stray!! But our ability to not engage a detour or be lured aside on another ride is the determination we need to succeed on our dreams.

Instant gratification to me is the biggest mistake we can make that can really skew our whole take!! My father always said if it seems to good to be true than it is a ruse!! To achieve desired results takes time, effort, and ambition this must be in your intuition!! So our natural reaction should always be to question any instant satisfaction!! This doesn’t mean we can’t be satisfied we just need to be balanced and temper all of our emotions so we may remained focused and keep our perspective of our ultimate objectives.

Acknowledge your goals daily and try to put one step in that direction, that will keep your reflection on your ultimate objectives!! Stay on cue and make sure you always do the right thing. That will bring you near your goals and keep your mind, body, and soul combined and whole, as it keeps you free and in total control of your destiny.

Breathe Power Devour Pain
Sometimes we all encounter physical pain. It can stain our brain and sometimes a tough time can cause us to find a way to avoid a rough sign the next time. We can learn through pain but it also conditions us to sense it, and therefore we tense up our bodies, hurt and tire ourselves more than the actual painful action would faction!! So we learn to Instinctually use our energy to fight the pain instead of calmness and a clear thought process to allow healing to access and negativity to recess.

Depending on the severity of the uncomfortable feeling we can be reeling for some time before we realize any healing side!! I believe we can train ourselves to not respond or acknowledge some pain and therefore not let it drain our energy and possibly not encounter the full effects of an uncomfortable set. And maybe focus are internal energy to heal without any conscientious deal.

You may have heard of people being shot without realizing the hit because they didn’t see it actually slip into their flesh and realize the intensity and suffer the visual effects of the tragic mess!!

You may have been bit by a mosquito or other insect and didn’t feel it happen until sometime after the action!! When we don’t see the act we usually don’t react with as much fear and therefore steer clear of anxiety and anticipation and can even sustain more pain that we would normally think was insane.

There are some people who prefer not to glance if they need to get lanced or a needle!! Again I believe pain is rationalized in our brain when we see an actual factional circumstance that we have learned should hurt.

Breathing and relaxation is the key to managing pain and reducing it’s effect so we can accept it more to raise our tolerance level to improve our quality of life so it’s not a constant fight.

Massage, Meditation, and physical engagement designed with certain arrangements can train our body and mind awareness to help us instinctively find the signs to guide to another side of our lives that can provide us with healing, controlling our mind, and being aware of our bodies at all times!! Internal body processes are performed without any conscientious effort from you, but if we could gain some access to this process we could master our life and possibly gain the power to devour pain and refrain from some of the negative drain.

To Empty Your Mind Is The Ultimate Find
If you can empty your mind you will find an abundance of time to guide your life and keep in sight your goals and important task that are current and not in the past.

When our mind gets caught with negative thoughts from any cause we should strive to push them to the side. Try to forget and let go of hurt, anger, or regret. Let’s empty our minds and free our time that’s the ultimate find.

Tolerance, respect and understanding are what make us reasonable and can free our thoughts and unleash our all ! Finding a way to accept almost anything can empower us and prevent any fuss. Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to believe in what is trying to be achieved, it simply reduces another persons need to plead their objective and try to get you to see their perspective. Your mind can stay empty and therefore ready to embrace something that is more your taste.

I always try to find a reasonable understanding why a person might treat me with a negative vibe! I accept their behavior as just a misfortunate act and they don’t mean any bad just that they maybe internally sad! I therefore don’t take it personnel, I just roll on to a thought that is more useful!! I only want to fill my time with a fun ride that is at nobody’s expense just my extreme acceptance and friendly competence to indulge all of my energy to create my life’s ultimate synergy.

Finding The Good Must Be Understood
Finding the good is what we should always strive for, if we could turn the way we are understood into hope and happiness we can stay grounded. You will be astounded how your founded hope can inspire you with desire to keep rolling ahead and gain a power from within to see the light though sometimes its not so bright.

We should strive to find the good even when it is convoluted or diluted and hidden beneath the hood. Our mind like an engine must run clean and lean for our means need to be clear to stay on cue and pursue what is dear to you!! We need focus on the good this must be understood.

The ability for us to find positive words or actions in almost any transaction is the key to me of how to be free!! This is the main attraction that factions our hope and inspiration, and can be a true revelation.

Positive thoughts and kind words will resonate and be heard through out our body and nerves and can soothe our thoughts and prevent any
negativity in our jaunts.

Even in adverse conditions we should not internalize the pain or hurt, let’s just try to exert our breathing and push that tough feeling from our body and realize the need to lead our mind free for our own health means and others around us to help shelter their mind which will probably be fragile at this time.

See clearly and appreciate dearly all of life without getting caught up in the hype!! Optimistic thought and behavior will never waiver or yield to a depressing field, but will shield you and guide you to run free and live all of your dreams.

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