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WooFDriver in 1982 skiing the Italian Alps

WooFDriver in 1982 skiing the Italian Alps

At a young age I was introduced to downhill skiing in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It was there I was given the opportunity to enjoy some of the most incredible landscapes of the world. The way the HUGE Mountains kiss the sky peppered with the forest throughout these majestic scenes was so incredible to me. The inspired feeling I got from skiing in this winter wonderland which was so quiet, serene, and expansive adding a perspective in my life that I am able to envision daily. In fact these images light up my eyes every time I relive the beauty in my mind. From those days forward with my father guiding me along to many places adventuring around the world we would be in awe of Mother Nature’s Wonders! He would share his appreciation and continue to inspire me to enjoy the nature around us realizing this in almost every experience we shared.

WooFDriver's Dad skiing the Rockies

WooFDriver’s Dad skiing the Rockies

As I became an adult and gave my first Dog a home it was important for his needs to spend a great deal of time outside. As we grew together he needed more and more time outside to exercise because of his high energy drive. He was a Husky built for the outdoors and this gave me another opportunity to appreciate Mother Nature in a different perspective. You see now instead of realizing the more apparent beauty and treasures of nature, I was now keying off of my Dog who like most Dogs is an expert outdoorsman!

WooFDriver's dad Adventuring in a Glider to get views of Nature from above!

WooFDriver’s dad Adventuring in a Glider to get views of Nature from above!

Of course Dogs have the hunting and survival  traits in them so they are curious and alert to almost everything that happens in their presence. Their alertness is remarkable as their vision gives them the ability to see the slightest movement even far away they can see wildlife small as it may be way in the distance. Adding to this their other keen senses especially their ability to pick up on scent long before it visually appears makes these times we share that much more interesting and incredible.  I have actually learned to think like a Dog in the fashion that I am aware of almost everything that surrounds me from the slightest movements like a branch swaying which has actually led me to find these incredible insects vibrating a branch as seen here: to sounds in the distance trying to identify them to further understand the nature that surrounds us.

WooFDriver in a Blimp above Michigan with his Dad.  We caught so many AWE Inspiring views from above.

WooFDriver in a Blimp above Michigan with his Dad. They caught so many AWE Inspiring views from above.

Through my love of Dogs and for their needs I have become a Dog Adventurer! I take my Dogs to places all over the East Coast of the USA to explore nature and get their fitness in and feed their instinctual drive. As we do runs and walks that can be over 8 hours I have further evolved my skills and appreciation for nature and savor every moment of our Adventures. This has led to me to document, share, and remember these most precious times and this is the premise for what I call WooFDriver Inspired.


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