April 8, 2016

Perkiomen Creek


It was February 8, 2012 when the WooFDriver took the mushing tour with the WooFPAK of the Perkiomen Trail in Montgomery, Pennsylvania. The history of Perkiomen Trail railroad corridor is more than 140 years. The Perkiomen Railway Company started transportation in 1868 and ceased operation by 1955. It was used mostly for transportation to recreational areas for vacations.

The Perkiomen Trail is named after the 37.7 mile long Perkiomen Creek that runs beside the trail. This tributary of the Schuylkill River was once named the Perquaminck Creek on a 1687 Thomas Holme’s map. The name Perkiomen is from a Native American term that is translated into English to mean ‘cranberry place’.

Wikipedia’s Webpage to learn more about the Perkiomen Creek

Please check out the photo album for the WooFDriver’s mushing tour!
WooFDriver On Tour -Perkiomen Trail, Montgomery PA 2.08.2012


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