April 7, 2016

Coplay Creek


January 10, 2012 the WooFDriver went on a mushing tour with the WooFPAK on the Ironton Rail Trail in Allentown, Pennsylvania. This trail was originally home of the Ironton Railroad that began operation in 1860 to transport iron ore from the Ironton mines to the Lehigh Valley Railroad. It served the local cement mills after the iron ore industry dried up. The railroad finally fell into disrepair in 1984.

This rail trail parallels Coplay Creek for its majority while also passing several small lakes. There is also a portion of the trail that rides beside the Lehigh River. Coplay Creek is 14.1 miles long and flows into the Lehigh River. The name came from “Kolapechka”, the son of a Native American Chief who lived at the beginning of the creek.

Wikipedia’s Webpage to learn more about this creek

Wikipedia’s Webpage to learn more about this area

Here are videos from this mushing adventure!

Please check out the photo album from this mushing adventure!
WooFDriver On Tour - Ironton Allentown PA 1.10.2012


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