October 28, 2015

Heritage Trail


January 25, 2012 the WooFDriver took a mushing tour with the WooFPAK on the Heritage Trail in New Freedom, Pennsylvania. When in use by the Northern Central Railroad this was link between Washington D.C. to Lake Ontario. And prior to the Battle of Gettysburg it was a prime target of the Confederate Army. Currently the railroad tracks aside the rail trail are active with the Steam into History excursion train from New Freedom to Hanover Junction Train Station. If interested in Steam into History here is the train schedule steamintohistory.com.

York County Trails Website to learn more about this trail

Please be sure to check out the photo album from the WooFPAK’s mushing tour!
WooFDriver On Tour - Heritage Trail,  New Freedom PA 1.25.2012


  1. Artie
    July 13, 2016

    I was actually there that day. At one point in time of my family history this was right on the edge of family property – some 10,000+ acres. I went back to Jefferson Island back in 1997 & gave guided tours of what is left of The Gardens & The Joseph Jefferson Home. It was all so surreal. I doubt I will ever forget what I saw that day & how Mr Je;18rson&#e2f7fs son had to literally be dragged away as he stood shocked in utter disbelief that his beautiful Gardens & Home was being sucked into the hole.

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