January 12, 2016

Dan’s Rock, Maryland


On November 5, 2015 the WooFDriver was on route to find a trail to Mush the WooFPAK, when he and the crew took a side trip to Dan’s Rock in Maryland. It is among the best summits in Maryland because of its expansive views. From the top you can see the Potomac River, West Virginia and the ridge lines of the Allegheny Mountains to name a few. It gets its name from the son of a pioneer, Daniel Cresap who was famous for climbing a tree going after a bear. In this tale the tree falls on the rock, giving the rock its name.

Summit Post’s Website to learn more about Dan’s Rock

Please enjoy this photo album of Dan’s Rock overlook!
Dan's Rock And Roll Aerials 11.05.2015

Also enjoy some video footage complied of Dan’s Rock!


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