November 10, 2015

Columbia Trail NJ


July 23, 2015 the WooFDriver took the WooFPAK on an exciting Midnight Mushing Tour of the Columbia Trail in New Jersey. There was definitely a spooky feeling as they rolled passed some of the abandoned buildings at night along the trail. Their are over 170 structures on the National Register of Historic Places along this trail. The restored railroad station is home to the Califon Historical Society. In the town of Califon homes are marked with the date of construction and name of the builder rather than street address, this really added to the historical feel of this area.

Trail Link Website to learn more about this trail

Please enjoy these videos from the Midnight Mushing Tour and from the latest adventure!

WooFDriver took to the Columbia Trail again, but this time it was in the light of day. Enjoy these photos from his November 3, 2017 adventure!
Columbia Trail New Jersey 11.03.2017


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